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Holland Neighborhood Plans

Plans that have been adopted by the Holland Neighborhood Improvement Association. They detail use and allocation of funds from the City of Minneapolis as well as a vision of priorities for the future of the neighborhood.


NRP Phase I Neighborhood Action Plan


NRP Phase II Neighborhood Action Plan


Holland Neighborhood Small Area Plan

What is a Small Area Plan?
A small area plan is a document that outlines a long-range vision of typically 15 to 20 years for land use and development in that area. The plan examines the current conditions of the area, develops a future vision of what residents and business representatives want the neighborhood or area to become and then formulates specific goals, objectives, and policies or projects to implement that vision. Examples of various small area plans can be found at: www.ci.minneapolis.mn.us/cped/plans.asp. (Source: City of Minneapolis)

Purpose and Goal of the Holland Small Area Plan

 The primary purpose and goal of the Holland Small Area Plan is to:

  1. Increase stakeholder and investor confidence in Holland as they see we have a comprehensive, community-supported plan and strategy for the next 5-10 years.
  2. Help coordinate the efforts of multiple jurisdictions (parks, city, schools, county, neighborhood, watershed district, etc.) in investment projects in the neighborhood – and help them communicate and coordinate more efficiently as they develop these projects.
  3. Guide land use and development in Holland to reflect the vision and priorities of the neighborhood stakeholders.
  4. Be suitable for adoption, and officially adopted into, the Minneapolis Plan for Sustainable Growth (fka the Minneapolis Comprehensive Plan).
  5. Be a marketing document that can be used to attract appropriate external investment, allowing HNIA to leverage limited resources and do more with less.
  6. Allow HNIA and the City to have planning in place as the economy recovers in order to be able to guide and choose investment and development projects that are most appropriate for the neighborhood.    
  7. Be both aspirational and achievable, developing 4-5 initiatives for the neighborhood. 
  8. Be compatible with existing planning documents, such as the Central Avenue Plan, while also tweaking planning strategies for areas in those documents that need updating to reflect changing circumstance.

The Planning Process
The Holland Small Area Plan was developed between Fall 2013 and Summer 2014, through the work of the Small Area Plan Steering Committee and the Cuningham Group. The Process included 3 Steering Committee Meetings and 3 Public Meetings. The Plan was reviewed by the Board throughout the process and formally forwarded to the City for consideration. The Steering Committee, as a whole group met three times throughout the process. The Steering Committee was subdivided into 4 work groups, each representing the four main themes of the project (Internal Corridors, External Corridors, Open Space, history and Development). Each Work Group met twice to develop content of the Plan. This Content was presented at 3 Public Meetings, two of which coincided with monthly neighborhood meetings. Each Public Meeting was attended by between 15 and 30 people.

The Final Plan
We are happy to announce that the plan was approved by the Minneapolis City Council on March 20, 2015, gaining its subsequent adoption into the Minneapolis Plan for Sustainable Growth (aka, the Minneapolis Comprehensive Plan).


Small Area Plan Overview





Community Input

The Holland neighborhood is committed to an inclusive and comprehensive system of public involvement. Below are some resources from outreach efforts conducted throughout the planning process. 

Videos and Media